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stainless steel fabricator
albany wa

After completing my apprenticeship in stainless steel I felt the need to follow my dream of becoming a master metal craftsman specializing in stainless. Finding myself to be a perfectionist in all aspects of custom fabrication and forming I soon felt the need for something new. I decided to try CNC cutting and found it to be a real advantage in what i could make and offer to my customers.

Off-road racing and building of buggies and ultra 4 machines has always been a big part of my life from a young age customizing them to my needs and strength. Combining all my skills I had learnt and obtained over the years and offering it to customers who where amazed at the end products made me realize I had to pursue my talents on a greater scale. Shortly after I was given a tremendous opportunity to open my own business which lead to the creation of Albany stainless steel.

If you find yourself needing something fabricated, designed, modified or some CNC cutting done come see me at Albany stainless steel. Nothing leaves the front door without myself being 100% satisfied with the end product and the customer happy.